Firearms Training in Virginia: Here's what these experts had to say...

Rick Simes shooting the TSA Nationals (note recoil control)...

Rick Simes shooting the TSA Nationals (note recoil control)...

Rick Simes: TSA National Tactical Pistol Champion, IPSC Grand Master, IDPA 4-Gun Master & Grand Master in the FIST-FIRE System of Defense.

"Both the FIST-FIRE System and D.R.'s talent as an instructor, have taken my shooting skill to a higher level than any other system or technique I’ve tried. The three levels of weapons presentation are remarkably smooth and efficient, making high speed hits relatively easy to achieve.

I believe the FIST-FIRE system will help the new shooter or experienced competitor reach a higher level of speed and accuracy in the shortest amount of time." - Rick Simes, TN


Paul Sharp (top) demonstrating a knife disarm

"I use the F-F arm structure/presentation with every long gun I have to be proficient with; rifle, carbine, sub-gun, shottie and SBRs. I like having that continuity between how I run the pistol, rifle, carbine and shottie. Just makes things much more simple. I've been doing it that way since my first F-F class in '01 and have had really good results running a long arm that way in training, in real world stuff on several thousand hits on houses, cars, on barricaded subjects, felony stops, building and area searches and even a few times having to check on things going bump in the night in my home. It works for me and again, I really like the continuity across the spectrum of small arms, it gives me one less thing to have to think about." - Paul Sharp, Straight Blast Gym of IL


Adam Singer coaching Forrest Griffin to his 1st Ultimate Fighter Victory. Photo courtesy The Straight Blast Gym, Athens, GA (

“As a Mixed Martial Arts instructor who is dedicated to both street survival and combative sport competitions, my students and training partners have fought and won professional No Holds Barred fights, Thai boxing, Boxing, Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jui-Jitsu tournaments.

The FIST-FIRE System of shooting fit right in with my gyms focus on realistic methods of training for urban survival. The stances and presentations of the FIST-FIRE system fit seamlessly with our current empty hand techniques. Kicking, striking with the off hand, striking with the weapon, handgun takeaways, weapons retention, and non-lethal control all integrate perfectly with the FIST-FIRE System, making it truly THE Martial Art of Defensive Shooting.” - Adam Singer, Straight Blast Gym of Athens, GA


“Think Street, Train Sport, Practice Art" - Chris Haueter, Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt 


Matt Thornton: President & Head Instructor Straight Blast Gym ( )

“I receive hundreds of books and tapes every Year to review and comment on. Most lack a large dose of functional value, and are boring. D.R.'s book was an exception. Not only is it informative and interesting, it is also highly functional. I would recommend it to anyone interested in practical shooting, and self-defense.

In addition, because of the nature of my job I tend to meet and associate with people al over the world that are involved in occupations that require they attend combatives, firearms, and other forms of self defense and combat training. Many of these people have my deep respect, and seldom if ever give high marks to any one program. However, I have heard nothing but rave reviews regarding D.R.'s training from everyone who has attended it. That is also rare.

The SBGi was created on the belief that performance matters most, and form must follow function. Everything we train and do has been, and must be pressure tested, and analyzed in an Alive environment. There is no room for speculation or theory when it comes to practical self defense matters that people may one day need to rely on to save their own life, or the life of others. D.R.'s program has met that mark, and that is why you will find the SBGi Coaches across the USA turning to him for their firearms training. That alone speaks volumes. 

I highly recommend people check out D.R.'s FIST-FIRE system themselves. I know they will not be disappointed.” – Matt Thornton, Straight Blast Gym of CA


“I would like to personally commend D.R. Middlebrooks for extraordinary firearms training which he provided to me October 16-20, 2006 at the Tactical Shooting Academy just prior to a short notice deployment to Iraq. It is fair to say that with 19 years in the U.S. Army, and 12 years as a Special Forces officer, I have extensive firearms training and am very confident in my CQB (Close Quarters Battle) ability. Nevertheless after completion of the FIST-FIRE weapons training course my speed, accuracy and movement radically improved! Thank you Mr. Middlebrooks for your dedication to firearms excellence and commitment to enhancing the warrior prowess of those who go into harms way.”

  Jeff Prough -   Lieutenant Colonel USA Special Forces SOCOM


"I wanted to pass on some night firing results to you. I recently attended the Marine Corps' High Risk Personnel (HRP) Course. It is essentially a week of intense pistol training geared toward concealed carry in a high threat environment. Anyhow, their focus for low-light shooting is no-illumination, basically relying on smooth presentation for the first shot and then muzzle flash recovery of the sights thereafter. Pretty challenging on photo targets and small steel out to 15 yds in the dark. My results were consistent and light years ahead of the rest of the class and were easy to produce simply by coming to the "Guard", Indexing and pressing out to full extension. Almost too easy using the FIST-FIRE System, the results impressed me as much as the rest. Just another application for the things you are teaching."

 Justin Dyal - Captain and Platoon Commander Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team, USMC


"After five days of FIST-FIRE system training, I now have a new level of skill and confidence in handgun employment that I did not acquire during my 16 years of standard Marine Corps marksmanship training. I believe this training will be invaluable to me in the future."- Gunny Brad VanHorn, USMC