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FIST-FIRE is a complete system of shooting and fighting with firearms. FIST-FIRE is a German term derived from "FAUST FEUER WAFFEN" which means FIST-FIRE WEAPON, or anything that can be fired by the making of a fist. Any firearm with a pistolgrip (such as a pistol, rifle, shotgun, or submachinegun) is considered to be a FIST FIRE weapon.

DVD-1 is entitled "What we do and why we do it" and DVD-2 is entitled "How we do what we do." Total run time is approximately 3 hours takes you over halfway through the system of shooting. The entire system is based upon the science of INDEXING & POINT SHOOTING. It was forged in the crucible of Force on Force testing where tens of thousands of Simunition rounds were used on resisting opponents. A Simunition is a plastic (non lethal) 9MM training bullet (similar to paintball) that hurts when it hits you. The FIST-FIRE System was been proven in arena of World Class competition against some of the best Professional Shooters in the world.

Subjects Covered: Background and Field of Invention; Proper Grip for Ultimate Recoil Control; Indexing the Pistol; Drawing & Presentation; Foot Stance; Reloading Methods for the Combative Pistol; Flashlight Techniques; Movement Techniques and more. 

Further, FIST-FIRE was designed to blend seemlessly with Mixed Martial Arts fighting techniques. Here are a few testimonials:

“I would like to personally commend D.R. Middlebrooks for extraordinary firearms training which he provided to me October 16-20, 2006 at the Tactical Shooting Academy just prior to a short notice deployment to Iraq. It is fair to say that with 19 years in the U.S. Army, and 12 years as a Special Forces officer, I have extensive firearms training and am very confident in my CQB (Close Quarters Battle) ability. Nevertheless after completion of the FIST-FIRE weapons training course my speed, accuracy and movement radically improved! Thank you Mr. Middlebrooks for your dedication to firearms excellence and commitment to enhancing the warrior prowess of those who go into harms way.”

               Jeffery S. Prough - Lieutenant Colonel USA Special Forces


"I wanted to pass on some night firing results to you. I recently attended the Marine Corps' High Risk Personnel (HRP) Course. It is essentially a week of intense pistol training geared toward concealed carry in a high threat environment. Anyhow, their focus for low-light shooting is no-illumination, basically relying on smooth presentation for the first shot and then muzzle flash recovery of the sights thereafter. Pretty challenging on photo targets and small steel out to 15 yds in the dark. My results were consistent and light years ahead of the rest of the class and were easy to produce simply by coming to the "Guard", Indexing and pressing out to full extension. Almost too easy using the FIST-FIRE System, the results impressed me as much as the rest. Just another application for the things you are teaching."

         Captain Justin Dyal - Platoon Commander Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team, USMC


"After five days of FIST-FIRE system training, I now have a new level of skill and confidence in handgun employment that I did not acquire during my 16 years of standard Marine Corps marksmanship training. I believe this training will be invaluable to me in the future." - Gunny Brad VanHorn, USMC 


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Total Run time approximately 3 Hours.


TSA's Street Gun National Match on DVD!! $19.95

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The Tactical Shooting Association (TSA) held it's first major match at the Tactical Shooting Academy in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  It was dubbed the "Street Gun Nationals" as the intent was to get the shooters to use their actual "Carry Guns".  All the exciting action was captured on this DVD. Watch as Top Shooters Dave Sevigny and Rick Simes battle it out for the win.  Run time approx. 1.3 Hours.



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