Q:  What Model Glocks are Pro-Sights® available for?

A: Pro-Sights® are available for ALL Glocks EXCEPT for the G42 & G43 Models.

Q: Are Pro-Sights® click adjustable” and if not why?

A: The weak link in Glocks are the sights and the weak link in adjustable sights is the ajustability.  The pins break, the fragile adjustments screws strip and break, the rear blades shoot loose, they sometimes wobble and they shear off when dropped.  I’ve eliminated all those problems with the Pro-Sight®Total Lock Down System.

Q: But aren’t “click adjustable” sights more convenient?

A: Well, if you had to adjust your sights ALL THE TIME, then yes.  But how often do you actually need to adjust your sights on a Carry Gun??  For most of us, the answer is “Once”.  The Pro-Sight®Total Lock Down System gives you the strength of a fixed sight with the convenience of an adjustable.    

Q: How hard is it to adjust the Pro-Sight® and how does it adjust?

A: Adjusting Pro-Sight® is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step #1: Use a #2 Philips Screw Driver to loosen the hold down screw.


Step #2: Remove the hold down screw and rear blade.

Step #3: Loosen the Double Lock set screws for windage adjustment. 


Then add or delete nylon inserts for elevation. NOTE: Each Nylon insert is equates to +1/2" at 12 yards or +1" at 25 yards.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Shooting Team has been using this adjustment system on our guns since 1996.  We have put well over 1/4 MILLION rounds down range using this system and have experienced ZERO failures.  It always holds zero, it has to because there are no moving parts, springs or pins, and the blade is protected. That's why we call it the "Total Lock Down System".

Q: What rear sight blades do you offer?  And do you have to re-zero?

A: We have (3) Rear Blades that automatically re-zero:  Square Notch; Square Notch with 2-White Dots & V-Notch (see below)...

We used this rear Pro-Sight to destroy the cement block above...

We used this rear Pro-Sight to destroy the cement block above...

Q: I am 67 and can no longer see the front sight sharply. I would think that the XS Big Dots would be preferable.  Not trying to be a pain in the butt however I am just not getting it.  I still don't understand how or why these are better than so many other similarly designed sight systems.  

A: OK, since you asked, Pro-Sights are FULLY ADJUSTABLE, EXTREMLY FAST and MUCH MORE ACCURATE than XS Big Dot Sights. And then there's this Testimonial:

About the Sight Picture shown ABOVE...

"At age 66 I just couldn’t see my Bomars anymore, so D.R. suggested I tryout his Pro-Sight® V-Dot. I used it to win the National Police Combat Championships. I set new National Records for Low E.T. and I shot the FASTEST aggregate time ever recorded.”                                                   - Ken Tapp, Claremore OK

Q: Do you offer a Tritium Night Sight? I'd like to have one up front.

A: No, But Heinie does. I think it's part number 324. It's a .250" tall front sight with Tritium which will work perfectly. Here's a link:


Q: What all comes with the Pro-Sight® set?  

A: Front & Rear Sights are SOLD Separately so that you can get the "Sight Picture Combo" that you like best. Thus creating your own "Set" containing the following:  

You'll get your choice of a Front & Rear blade. You'll also get (2) set screws  for the rear base;  A Phillips hold down screw (1-Long  & 1 Short); (1) Fitment Nut; (1) Gunsmith Fitment Block; (1) Allen wrench; (1) front sight screw and a pack of (5) nylon elevation inserts.



Q: I am concerned about glare off that plated rear hold down screw. And why use a cheap phillips hardware store screw in the first place? 

A: It's NOT a cheap screw. It is a LOW PROFILE especially made screw.  The Stainless screw is there by request of Special Operators. They had trouble finding the right size Allen wrench (especially when over seas) and we've had MANY of the Allen sockets FAIL. But since everyone seems to have a Phillips on their Leatherman Tool, it seemed only logical to make our new screw a Phillips' #2.  However, all sights NOW come with (2) Screws: 1 STAINLESS & 1 BLACK STAINLESS the CANNOT & WILL NOT RUST!!

Q: What is the thread of the Hold Down Screw? I may want to replace it.

A: The screw is 5-40 tpi and is especially made with a Low Profile Head (so, it's NOT available at the hardware store) and it's made from a STAINLESS that will NOT rust. And EVEN our BLACK STAINLESS Screw CANNOT & WILL NOT RUST.

Q: Can you rack the slide with that rear sight?

A: YES!  Take a look at the video below:


Q: Do you sell replacement fiber optic rods for when they break?

A: We have put OVER 1/4 Million Rounds (fired by our Shooting Team) down range and we've NEVER had one of OUR Fiber Optic inserts break or shoot loose !!!  

Q: What if the light pipe rod gets damaged?

A: It's NOT a "light pipe" plastic rod. It's a TRUE FIBER OPTIC FILIMENT ROD with LIGHT TRANSMITTING fibers running through it (end to end). So, if it gets damaged it WILL STILL WORK.


Pro-Sight Red Dot Front Sight 1.jpg

Q: What if the Front Sight screw shears off during removal (or installation even) of the front sight?

A: IT WON'T!  Our front sight screw is the strongest made PERIOD. It won't shear off on installation or removal unless you really, REALLY over tighten it on installation.

SEE BELOW: We deliberately over tightened some of our front sight screws as part of our failure rate testing. You can see where the hex head failed but the shank DID NOT!!! 


ABOVE: We deliberately OVER TIGHTENED these screws below as part of our torture test:

(L-R): The first two (Pro-Sight) hex heads broke off of the screw shank, but the shanks did not fail. 


Q: How does your Fiber Optic sights hold up to cleaning solvents?

A: The Rule of Thumb is that as long as the cleaning solvent you use WILL NOT dissolve Loctite, then you will be fine. But if your cleaning solvent will remove/dissolve Loctite it WILL melt the Fiber Optic Rod. We use a drop of Rem Oil on a Q-Tip.


Q: Do you offer Tritium Night Sights?

A: No. But Richard Hienie sells a .250" tall front sight that is compatible with our rear.


Q: How much does the front sight overhang on the Glock 34 or 35?

A: About 1/8 inch.


Q: What sight pusher do I need to install it with? 

A: We recommend the MGW # 309S Sight Pusher.  But you don't need a Sight Pusher on the New Model Pro-Sight. Put some oil on the dovetail and DRIFT it in with a Brass or Aluminum Punch.


Q: I'm having trouble getting the front sight aligned with the V-Blade rear. Got any tips?

A:  We recommend using the Square Notch Blade to sight in with, then switch to the V-Blade as it will automatically zero. Be sure to sight in at 12 yards so that the bullet hits 12:00 on the top of the dot. The video below will show you how to sight it in.