2019 Firearms Training Classes in Virginia...

Tuition varies depending upon Class Size:

  • Private Lesson (1 student): $450 per day

  • Semi Private Class (2 students): $225 per person, per day

  • Group Rates for (3-6 Students): $150 per person, per day

  • Group Rates for Larger Classes: P.O.R.

How to inquire about Classes & Dates:

To help me try and accomodate your schedule, please email me the following information:

1. What kind of class are you looking for? 

2. How many days of training are you looking for? 

3. How many in your party? 

4. Do you prefer Weekends or Week days?

5. What month would you like to train?

6. What days or dates are good/not good for you?

7. Are you looking for a Private, semi Private or group setting?

IF we can agree on DATES, I'll need payment IN FULL (in advance) to RESERVE THOSE DATES. 

Thanks & Stay Safe,

D.R. Middlebrooks - Owner Operator Tactical Shooting Academy & Custom Shop

Questions?    Email me at INFO@TACTICALSHOOTING.COM