Glock Stippling & Custom Glock Work by Virginia Gunsmith D.R. Middlebrooks of Hampton Roads.

Turn around time for STIP-TEX is currently 3-5 weeks. Scroll down for photo's and pricing for the work...

DISCLAIMER: Modifying of the Slide or Frame can void the Manufacturers Warranty.  

CUSTOM SHOP HOURS: My shop is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. This closed shop policy allows me to get my work done in a timely manner without interruptions*. If you need to come by the shop, please email me at to schedule an appointment.

*Note: I don't answer phone calls I only return them.  But the BEST WAY to contact me is by Email at 

SHIPPING YOUR HANDGUN: Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more info.

STIP-TEX is available in FINE, MEDIUM or COURSE to suit your needs (FINE is shown above and MEDIUM is shown below)...

Again, I can make the texture FINE, MEDIUM or COURSE to suit your hands (COURSE is shown below)...

Below is a M1917 Grip Chop shown on a GEN 4 Glock WITH FACTORY STIPPLING (NO STIP-TEX) which actually feels softer than MILD STIP-TEX...

Notice the Grip-N-Rip Cuts (for when mags get stuck). It also has Double Hi-Grip Cuts underneath Trigger Guard and a Flat Back Strap Mod...

Polymer guns are slippery when wet (like with sweat, rain or blood on the grip) and can squirt right out of your hand if someone grabs your gun. But the STIP-TEX helps you maintain control of your weapon during a disarm attempt. Hi-WRAP coverage (COURSE texture) is shown below...

Hi-Wrap coverage (COURSE texture) shown above and Low Wrap coverage (MEDIUM texture) is shown below... 

Low-Wrap (FINE texture) is shown below on a G42. The Hi-Grip Cut allows a higher grip for more purchase on the gun...

Hi-Wrap pattern is shown below on a G19 with (MEDIUM texture) STIP-TEX...

2-4 Week Turn Around Time on most Custom Glock Mods! Complete Full Custom packages 4-6 weeks...

We also take guns (and other things) in trade for Custom Gunsmithing…


Below is the SAME FRAME (shown above) with a MEDIUM grit STIP-TEX (RE-DO) OVER THE OLD TREE BARK STUFF!

Note Flat Backstrap Mod (below Right) and the factory ROUND HUMP (shown below Left)...

On Gen 3 & 4 G19's & G23's we bevel the front of the mag well to belend with the rest of the factory mag well bevel...

G42 with factory Mag Well & NO Hi-Grip Cut shown below...

G42 with my Mag Well Bevel & Hi-Grip Cut which affords a higher grip for more purchase on the small gun...

Hi-Grip Cut under the trigger guard is shown below (on top) compared to the factory low grip radius (bottom)...

Hi-Grip Cut under trigger guard (shown above top) affords a higher grip and prevents "Glock Knuckle" as shown below...

The High Grip Cut under the trigger guard also allows you to get your firing hand higher on the gun...

DOUBLE Hi-Grip Cuts allow BOTH hands to get higher on the gun...

Rounding Trigger Guard aids in reholstering and when shoving the gun into your pocket or inside your pants. See pic below...

Custom Glock Work (al a carte):

Furnish and Install Pro-Sights on your Glock: $180

Furnish & Install other aftermarket sights: P.O.R.

Test Fire & Sight in your gun with our ammo: $20

Combat/Carry Trigger Job on Glock 42: $50***

Combat/Carry Trigger Job on all other Glocks: $75***

***PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT & WILL NOT use light springs on Carry Gun Trigger Jobs. I use OEM Glock parts but I may use some aftermarket parts on request. 

Furnish & Install Smooth Faced Glock OEM Trigger: $25

Furnish & Install Ergo (cylindrical) Mag Release Button: $20

Furnish & Install Extended Glock OEM Slide Release: $25

Half Moon "Grip-N-Rip" Cuts for when mags get stuck: $30

Polish Feed Ramp for enhanced feeding & E-Z cleaning: $20

Hi-Grip Cut underneath the rear of trigger guard: $25

Double Hi-Grip Cuts underneath trigger guard: $50

Round Off Front of Trigger Guard and blend: $25

Flat Back Strap Mod (changes Grip Angle): $40

Bevel Front of Mag Well (on G42 & Gen 3 or 4 G19 ONLY) and blend to match factory bevel: $20

Grip Chop Jobs: Cut grip length to accept shorter magazines (i.e., turns G21 into a G30 grip. Likewise G22 to G23; G17 to G19; G19 to G26, etc.): $125* 

Bevel Mag Well on Grip Chop Job: +$20

Remove Finger Grooves from Front Strap of Frame: $25*

* Prices DO NOT include STIP-TEX which is required.

STIP-TEX Sub-Compact Frame (like G26, G27, G42): $80**

STIP-TEX Extended Base Pad on G26, G27, G30 etc.: +$20

STIP-TEX Compact Frame (like G19, G23, G30): $100**

STIP-TEX Mid Size Frame (like G17, G22): $120**

STIP-TEX Full Size Frame (like G20, G21): $140**

STIP-TEX over your existing Stippling or Swirl texture: P.O.R.

 ** Prices DO NOT include the Flat Backstrap Mod which is (+$40) more.

Textured "Memory Grooves" on forward sides of frame (this is for the Off Hand Thumb and Trigger Finger): $15

Textured Slide Plate (shown below) on the rear of slide is as functional as well as cosmetically appealing: Just $5

WARRANTY DISCLAIMER: Modifying of the firearm can void the Manufacturers Warranty. Glock is a federally registered trademark of Glock Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.mbH. We are not affiliated in any manner with, or is endorsed by Glock Inc. or Glock Ges.mbH. The use of Glock on this page is merely to advertise the sale of Glock pistols, parts, or components and custom services on Glock pistols. For genuine Glock inc. and Glock Ges.mbH products and parts visits glocks web site at  


Handguns can be legally shipped to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) Gun Dealer via UPS or FedEx or USPS (yes, the POST OFFICE). Be sure to follow UPS and FedEx guidelines.

ALL HANDGUNS WILL BE RETURNED FED-EX OVERNIGHT AIR, insured for the replacement value with adult signature required. The ONLY other way I will return ship handguns is through the POST OFFICE to your local FFL Dealer (See info on that below).

U.S POST OFFICE: THE BEST WAY TO SHIP HANDGUNS is to go "Dealer to Dealer" via U.S.P.S. (United States Postal Service) Priority Mail which is flat rate (that means they don't care about the size or weight). The post office will even provide FREE Priority Mail Shipping Boxes and offer FREE PICK UP from your FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed) Dealer. This is really the most cost effective way to LEGALLY ship your handgun while being in full compliance with U.S.P.S. RULES.*


Step 1. Go to the post office yourself and pick up some FREE Priority Mail shipping boxes (Small, Medium & Large). This will save your FFL Dealer time (and you money). Take the boxes home and figure out which one best fits for your gun box. Fill out and SIGN the Custom Work Order Form (I will email  it to you) and then put it inside the box with your gun.

Step 2. Simply take the package (unsealed) to the FFL Dealer and have them ship it to us via USPS. Be sure to tell them THIS IS NOT A GUN TRANSFER as you are simply sending it to me for "repairs or alterations". A 4473 Form is NOT REQUIRED as you already own the gun.

Step 2A: Be sure to include a copy of Postal Service form 1508 (I will email YOU a copy so you can print it out for your local FFL Dealer). This form simply states the gun is being sent "Dealer to Dealer".

Step 2B: Tell him (your FFL Dealer) I will email a copy of my signed FFL when I get his email address.

Step 2C: Give him my contact info (I will email YOU that too).

Step 3. All your FFL Dealer will have to do is go online ( and click on "Schedule a Pickup" from the menu bar across the top. Then just follow the easy to use directions from there. and set a date for FREE Pickup (they will pick up when they deliver his mail. They will also pick up any other packages he may have). The FFL Dealer can then print out a USPS shipping label.

Step 3A: Tell your FFL Dealer they will need to sign the PS Form 1508 (which you gave him) and he will then give it to the mail carrier along with the package. Be sure they insure the package for replacement value of the gun and have ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED for delivery. Then send me the tracking number so I can watch for it (otherwise, if it gets lost I won't know anything about it).

NOTE: I return the gun to him the same way. I will insure the gun for replacement value and require an Adult Signature. It will be returned back to the FFL Dealer (who should call you when the package arrives back at his gun shop).


The EXCERPT SHOWN BELOW WAS TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM the  U.S.P.S. (United States Postal Service) website found here:

432.23 Manufacturers, Dealers, and Importers

Handguns may also be mailed between licensed manufacturers of firearms, licensed dealers of firearms, and licensed importers of firearms in customary trade shipments, or for repairing or replacing parts.

432.24 Certificate of Manufacturers, Dealers, and Importers

A federal firearms licensee manufacturer, dealer, or importer need not file the affidavit under 432.22, but must file with the Postmaster a statement on PS Form 1508*, Statement by Shipper of Firearms, signed by the mailer that he or she is a licensed manufacturer, dealer, or importer of firearms. The mailer must also state that the parcels containing handguns, or parts and components of handguns under 432.2d, are being mailed in customary trade shipments or contain such articles for repairing or replacing parts, and that to the best of their knowledge the addressees are licensed manufacturers, dealers, or importers of firearms. Registered Mail service is recommended.

Questions? Email me at