Glock Custom Work by Master Pistolsmith D.R. Middlebrooks of Virginia...

 Pro-Sight Installations: 1-2 Week Turn Around Time! 

Furnish & Install Pro-Sight Set on customers slide: $180*

*Return S&H, VA Sales Tax & Insurance extra (if req'd). 

Furnish & Install Pro-Sights on customer supplied slide: $180*

*S&H Extra if required. VA Residents add $6 for sales tax on parts. Add $25 for Sight In (if you want us to sight them in for you). No need to send us the whole gun, just send us the Top End (slide, barrel & recoil spring assy). We will then sight the gun in using one of our frames. Just call ahead to make sure we have a frame and mag in house to match your top end. Otherwise you'll have to send in the entire gun. Tel: 757.876.2562 (10AM to 6PM Eastern Time).

Complete Custom Conversions available for your Glock Pistol. Scroll down for pricing and photo's of the work...

4-5 Week Turn Around Time on most Custom Glock Work! 

We also take guns (and almost anything) in trade for Custom Gunsmithing…

Flat Backstrap Mod reduces the grip size and improves the feel of the gun and changes the grip angle bringing the muzzle downwards for a more natural point.

Flat Backstrap Mod (FBM) shown below on left...

Flat Backstrap Mod (FBM) and Beveled Mag Well shown on right below:

Round Factory Backstrap compared to Flat Mod...

Note the Flat Back Strap & Beveled Front of Mag Well...

Get a "No-Slip-Grip" with hand carved, heat cut Texturizing. Each groove is hand carved with very unique swirl pattern...


Below is a Gen 4 G19 with factory stippling removed along with finger grooves and back strap cuts...

Rounded Trigger Guard & Hi-Grip Cut...

Hi-Grip Cut under trigger guard affords a higher grip and prevents "Glock Knuckle" as shown below...

The High Grip Cut under the trigger guard also allows you to get your firing hand higher on the gun...

DOUBLE High Grip under cuts allow BOTH hands to get higher under the gun...

Rounding Trigger Guard aids in reholstering and when shoving the gun into your pocket or inside your pants...

Ever seen a Glock M1917?  It's a G19 Grip on a G17...

Below is a Glock M1917 Grip Chop on a GEN 4 Glock 17...

The Half Moon "Grip-N-Rip" Cuts (shown below) are for when mags get sand or dirt on them and won't eject out. Just "grip and rip" them right out:

Custom Glock Work (al a carte). Note prices shown DO NOT include sales tax or S&H if required:

Furnish & Install Pro-Sight Set on your slide: $180

Sight in Pro-Sights with our ammo: $20

4-4.5# Combat/Carry Trigger Job (with all Glock parts): $75

Furnish & Install Smooth Faced Trigger: $25

Furnish & Install Ergo Mag Release Button: $25

Flat Back Strap Mod (changes Grip Angle): $40

Half Moon "Grip-N-Rip" Cuts for when mags get stuck: $30

Polish Feed Ramp for enhanced feeding & E-Z cleaning: $20

Hi-Grip Cut underneath the rear of trigger guard: $25

Double Hi-Grip Cuts underneath trigger guard: $50

Round Off front of trigger guard and blend: $25

M1917 Grip Chop (cuts G17 Grip off to G19 length): $120

Bevel Mag Well on M1917 Grip Chop: +$20

Bevel Front of Mag Well and blend to match factory bevel: $20

Remove Finger Grooves from Front Strap of Frame: $25

Texture Sub-Compact (like G26, G27) Frame: $80*

Texture Compact (like G19, G23) Frame: $120*

Texture Mid Size (like G17, 30) Frame: $140*

Texture Full Size (like G21, G22) Frame: $160*

* Prices DO NOT include the Flat Backstrap Mod which is $40 additional.

Texture G26/G30 Base Pad as shown below: $10 per pad

Textured "Memory Grooves" on forward sides of frame (this is for the Off Hand Thumb and Trigger Finger): $10

Textured Slide Plate (shown below) on the rear of slide is as functional as well as cosmetically appealing: Just $5

Lone Wolf G19 Frame (above and below) with "Swirll Pattern" texturizing; Hi-Grip Cut; Flat Backstrap Mod and Thumb & Trigger Finger Memory Grooves on the dust cover...

Below is a Lone Wolf frame with Hi-Wrap texturing, Finger Groove (Speed Bumps) Removed and High Grip Cut underneath the trigger guard...

Grip texturizing is also available for other polymer framed guns like the Springfield M&P and others...

Texture Back Strap on M&P a shown above: $45

Texture BOTH Front & Back Strap as shown above: $90

Texturing of a Kel-Tec Grip (as shown above): $50 

Texturing of an XD Grip (as shown below): $100

Texturing of a Ruger .380 Grip (front & backstrap): $35 

Texturing of a Kel-Tec .380 Grip (front & backstrap): $35

DISCLAIMER: Modifying of the frame will void the Manufacturers Warranty.  

CUSTOM SHOP HOURS: My shop is ONLY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC BY APPOINTMENT. This closed shop policy allows me to get my work done in a timely manner without interruptions. If you need to come by the shop, please make an appointment in advance. The best way to communicate with me is via email at 

PHONE HOURS: Office hours for sales and service is 10AM to 6PM Eastern Time. We work weekdays and some weekends. Leave a message and we will get back with you. Tel:757.876.2562.




Guns can be shipped "Dealer to Dealer" via U.S. Priority Mail (flat rate). They even provide the shipping boxes for FREE and it's about 1/2 the price of UPS or FED EX without all the B.S. All your Dealer will have to do is sign Postal Form #1508. 

Simply take your gun to your local gun dealer and have them ship it for you. TELL THEM IT IS NOT A FIREARMS TRANSFER. YOU ARE SIMPLY SENDING THE GUN IN FOR CUSTOM WORK. Be sure they insure it for replacement value. 

It's best to have a soft case to ship your handgun in but factory hard cases work fine, too.

NOTE: If you are only shipping the top end (slide, barrel & spring guide rod assy) just send it yourself anyway you like as the frame is the firearm, not the top end, so their's no B.S. or hassles. BE sure to include a magazine for me to test fire or sight in with on one of my frames.

Our FFL number is: 1-54-181-08-4M-01411

Our FFL Name & Shipping Address is:

D&A Imports, LLC
7366 Colonial Trail E.
Surry, VA 23883

Att: D.R.

Questions? Call 757.876.2562 between 10AM and 6PM EST.