FIST-FIRE Pyramid Training Model: Levels 1-6

Force on Force

Knife & Club Defense

Handgun Strikes & Blocks

Weapons Retention & Disarms

-------------- Level 6 (GOLD SHIELD) ------------

Advanced Trigger and Fire Control

Building Searches and House Clearings

Tactical/Defensive Flashlight Techniques

------------------- Level 5 (SILVER SHIELD) ------------------

Using Vehicles as Cover: The Pros and Cons

1-Handed Shooting: Manipulations & Reloading

Scenario Shooting: Proper use of cover & movment

Default Shooting Positions: Prone, kneeling and more

------------------------  Level 4 (BRONZE SHIELD) ------------------------

Tactical and Speed Reloads: Proven Bullet Proof methods

The Hook Draw: Drawing from concealment while Indexing

Indexing & Transitions: Roll Outs to and from the Open Guard

-----------------------------  Level 3 (RED SHIELD) -----------------------------

Side Stepping: Shooting on the move and getting Off Line of Attack

The Groucho Walk: Shooting while advancing and keeping the gun flat

The Moon Walk: Shooting while retreating quickly and keeping the gun flat

------------------------------------  Level 2 (GREEN SHIELD)------------------------------------

Surgical Shooting: Shooting from Full Extension for precision shots at distance

Index and Point Shooting: Shooting from Partial Extension looking OVER the sights

Retention Shooting: Shooting from the Guard (both 1 & 2 handed) at contact distances

-------------------------------------------  Level 1 (BLUE SHIELD) --------------------------------------------

Please Note: We use shield colors to rank the skill level of our Instructors (and dedicated students) at a glance. It simply denotes their knowledge of each level of the system.

  • Dedicated student’s achievements are rewarded with “Shield Colors” (much like the Martial Arts School would award belt colors).
  • Participating in the Fist-Fire ranking system is voluntary
  • To earn a Shield Color ranking, students must demonstrate proficiency in the required skills for that level via testing.

Plain Shield (New or unranked shooter)

Level 1: Blue Shield (Novice)

Level 2: Green Shield (Marksman)

Level 3: Red Shield (Sharp Shooter)

Level 4: Bronze Shield (Expert)

Level 5: Silver Shield (Master)

Level 6: Gold Shield (Grand Master)