GLOCK Handgun Torture Test of the NEW Pro-Sights!!!

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Pro-Sight® Glock “Combat Carry” Special Features:

  • Protective Steel Channel (Drop Test Approved) 
  • Fully Adjustable Rear Sight (no moving parts)
  • Insterchangeable Rear Blades (automatically re-zero)
  • Rugged Steel Base, CNC Machined in the USA
  • Lowest Profile of any adjustable (steel) sight
  • Low Profile Front Sight (only 1/4" High)
  • NO MODIFICATIONS required to your gun.

NEW! Interchangeable rear blades that automatically re-zero!

Your choice of the traditional Square Notch, White Dot or V-Dot Blade: 

DOT-IN-NOTCH FOR ACCURACY: Sight Blade shown lowered ALL the way down (.250").

DOT-OUT-OF-NOTCH FOR SPEED: Just use the ears like a "Buck Horn" sight on the old Winchester rifles for speed. Also available is a new White Dot version as shown below.

Pro-Sight® V-Dot is a Sight for Sore Eyes!

"At age 66 I just couldn't see my Bomars anymore, so D.R. suggested I tryout his Pro-Sight® V-Dot. I used it to win the National Police Combat Championships. I set new National Records for Low E.T. and I shot the FASTEST aggregate time ever recorded.” – Ken Tapp, OK

“I used the Pro-Sight® V-Dot to earn my Grand Master Rating in USPSA and went on to win the American Handgunner World Championships Stock Gun Division.” – Bryan Wilhite, TX

This V-Dot sight picture is a proven winner in National and World Championship matches. It's the ONLY "Express" type sight to set National & World Records for both Speed & Accuracy!

V-Dot sight picture shown "IN-THE-NOTCH" for accuracy...

V-Dot sight picture shown "OUT-OF-THE-NOTCH" for Maximum Speed...

Pro-Sight® Front Sights: Stronger by Design

The weak link on Glocks has always been the sights, especially the front sight.  We've designed our front sights to be as rugged as possible...


Note the flange around the base of the sight making it stronger.

In addition to making the Pro-Sight® out of steel and beefing up the base, our hold down screw is   designed to be stronger than most.  Check out the results of our screw test below:

Notice that the Screw Shank did not fail when over tightened, the Hex Head did!

(L-R): Here are (2) Pro-Sight® screw heads and (2) of our competitors screws after our screw test where we deliberatly over tightened the screws.  Note how the shanks failed on the competitions screws, but not on ours. 

GLOCK Sight Installations available at our Custom Shop. 

Our Custom Shop turn around time for Glock sight installation is currently 1-2 weeks.

Installation (LABOR) for Glock  Pro-Sight® Front Rear Sight: $50* (plus s&h).

*We will sight in the Pro-Sights® for $20 additional. Contact us to be sure we have a frame in stock.

FAST TURN AROUND time on Pro-Sight® installations. No need to send the enitre gun, just send us the top end (slide, barrel & spring assy).

 Note: We'll sight it in with our Winchester (Ball) Range Aammo.  

 Shouldn't you have the Pro-Sight®Advantage? 

“I'm tired of adjustable sights that break and won't hold zero. And I can't stand sights that don't shoot to Point of Aim either.  What we needed was a simple adjustment system that had the STRENGTH of a FIXED SIGHT and the CONVENIENCE of an ADJUSTABLE. In over a decade of testing we’ve put over a QUARTER MILLION rounds down range using this sight adjustment system and it has NEVER once failed us.”  – D.R. Middlebrooks 



[ To be continued... ]