Tactical Shooting Academy & Custom Shop

GLOCK Stippling & Custom Work

Welcome Shooters,

My Private Shooting Range & Custom Shop is located on 35 acres in a remote part of Surry County Virginia, just south and across the James River from historic Williamsburg.  Here, all I do is build Custom Guns & Teach People How to Shoot. 

PLEASE BE ADVISED: This IS NOT A PUBLIC SHOOTING RANGE nor is it a GUN CLUB. It's my own PRIVATE RANGE that I use to train Police, Military & Qualified Civilians How to Shoot & Fight with Firearms. I also use it for Fatigue & Failure Rate Studies; Accuracy & Reliability Testing; Test Firing; Sighting-in Weapons, Firearms Design & Consulting.

My "One Man" Custom Shop is OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. This closed shop policy allows me to get my work done in a timely manner (without interuptions) and helps keep the backlog manageable.  If you need to come by the shop PLEASE CONTACT ME via Email FIRST to make an appointment. You can Email me Directly at:  Info@TacticalShooting.com

Thanks & Stay Safe,

D.R. Middlebrooks - Master Pistolsmith & Head Shooting Coach Tactical Shooting Academy & Custom Shop

Photo's below were all taken on my Private Range...