Tactical Shooting Academy & Custom Shop

Welcome Shooters,

My Shooting Range & Custom Shop is located on 35 acres in a remote part of Surry County Virginia, just south and across the James River from historic Williamsburg. Here, all I do is build Custom Guns & teach people how to shoot.

BE ADVISED: This IS NOT A PUBLIC SHOOTING RANGE nor is it a GUN CLUB. It's my PRIVATE RANGE used to train Police, Military & Qualified Civilians, and for Research, Accuracy Testing, Test Firing and/or Sighting-in Weapons.


*I must be present to Supervise & act as Range Safety Officer at all times. 

The Custom Shop is OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. This closed shop policy allows me to get my work done in a timely manner and keep the backlog manageable.  If you need to come by the shop please contact me via EMAIL and make an appointment first:  info@TacticalShooting.com

Thanks & Stay Safe,

D.R. Middlebrooks - Master Pistolsmith & Head Shooting Coach

Photo's below were taken on our Private Ranges...